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Projects on Computer Based Applications (Projects B-C)

Author: Dr. med. Ralf Herold, Last modification: 2007/06/01

Project B 'Application Systems' consists of two subprojects: Project B/1 'Computer Based Applications for the Competence Network on Pediatric Oncology and Hematology' concentrates on documentation issues while Project B/2 additionally includes 'Data Protection and Data Security, Knowledge Server'.

Computer Based Application System (Project B/1)

  • Development of computer applications for pediatric oncology,
  • support of hospitals, clinical study groups, and other research institutions,
  • development and improvement of a basic data set for studies, and
  • standardization of medical terminology for the pediatric oncology.

Data Protection, IT Security, and Knowledge Server (Project B/2)

The tasks of projects B/2 are:

  • Development of guidelines for data protection data security,
  • sstablishment of a trustcenter for the assignment of software certificates,
  • providing an example configuration for the secure operation of local servers, and
  • providing a knowledge server whose content is delivered by the coordination and management group.

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