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Author: Julia Hannemann, Irene Krämer, erstellt 2003/07/26, Editor: Dr. med. Ralf Herold, Last modification: 2004/06/16

From July to October 2000 the Study Support Group conducted a survey of 51 trial coordination center employees concerning their documentation work. The goal was to map the work flow and show possible difficulties within the communication process with the cooperating hospitals.

Of 51 employees from 25 trial coordination centers asked to participate, 34 from 21 centers answered.

Emphasis was laid on the investigation of the following aspects:

  • Work organization in trial coordination centers
  • Data transfer from the hospitals
  • Data processing and evaluation
  • Improvement of information exchange

Selected evaluations of this survey where presented
during the first 'Conference on Medical Documentation in Pediatric Oncology and Hematology' in November 2001 in Berlin.

Parallel to conducting the survey we developed a questionnaire concerning the existence of specialized databases in laboratories involved in trials. The intention was to find out how many different programs were in use in the respective laboratories.

Consistency and interchangeability of data between the laboratories and the trial coordination centers need to be improved in the future.

An important result of the first survey is that communication between the trial coordiantion centers and hospitals is regarded as insufficient.

This problem led to the design of a new questionnaire addressing the hospitals documentation officers in the beginning of 2001. With its help we wanted to find out how the hospital's documentation officers regard the communication to be.

Other important aspects of this survey were:

  • Ideas for the improvement of documentation
  • Methods of information exchange
  • Design of protocols and enquiry forms
  • Organization of follow-ups

The Study Support Group published a report on the survey's evaluation in 2001. This report has been send to trial coordination centers and the participating hospitals. Parts of it have been presented on the conference mentioned above.

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